Monday, 19 July 2010

Little Pip pops over!

Earlier this year I did some work for a chain of nurseries based here in England. Their logo featured a little boy dressed as a toy soldier (named Little Pip) and they wanted the character redesigning and updating. I blogged about it in January.

They were really pleased with the new character design - so much so that they said they were thinking of getting him turned into a soft toy for the kids and maybe even a full life size mascot. Woohoo! The kids could meet a giant Little Pip just like they can meet a giant Mickey Mouse at Disneyworld! *

Well they've only gone and done it! Brilliant! Little Pip pops over and gives us the thumbs up! My only thought is that maybe his head is a bit small compared to the original design - but I suppose nobody likes a bighead!

* Well a bit like anyway ... if you imagine Disneyworld without the exciting rides and sunshine!

Monday, 12 July 2010

Where do cartoon ideas come from ?

I'm putting together the latest cartoon strip for a regular corporate client I have. It often takes a while to get the ideas flowing for this job and then about seven appear at once. So at the moment I'm sat here at the ideas table sipping strong tea, doodling and waiting for the first bolt of inspiration to strike (or the kids to come home - whatever happens first).

Anyway for interest, here are a couple of recent cartoon strips.

Yes I know they're the size of a pea. There are 2 solutions to this ... either
i) sit really close to your monitor and squint and imagine what they are about
ii) click on the cartoon to see a bigger version