Monday, 19 July 2010

Little Pip pops over!

Earlier this year I did some work for a chain of nurseries based here in England. Their logo featured a little boy dressed as a toy soldier (named Little Pip) and they wanted the character redesigning and updating. I blogged about it in January.

They were really pleased with the new character design - so much so that they said they were thinking of getting him turned into a soft toy for the kids and maybe even a full life size mascot. Woohoo! The kids could meet a giant Little Pip just like they can meet a giant Mickey Mouse at Disneyworld! *

Well they've only gone and done it! Brilliant! Little Pip pops over and gives us the thumbs up! My only thought is that maybe his head is a bit small compared to the original design - but I suppose nobody likes a bighead!

* Well a bit like anyway ... if you imagine Disneyworld without the exciting rides and sunshine!

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