Thursday, 27 May 2010

10 baby board books sitting on a wall - well at the printers anyway

I recently completed work on a series of 10 tiny children's board books all about transport for Make Believe Ideas.
This project was like a great big game of Pictionary. I had to draw something like 50 pictures of all sorts of different cars, bikes, trucks, planes, diggers, trains and capture their essence on the page so they were instantly recognisable.

Additionally, I tested out a new drawing style that I've been playing with for a while and was pretty pleased with the results.

So here are some excerpts to whet your appetite! Another fun job!


Unknown said...

hey these are great! And, no disrespect to the vehicles which are fab in many ways, but I really like the backgrounds!!
see you soon with finn I hope, Clare (of 'and James and iris' fame)

McCardell Photography said...

there must be something wrong... all the drivers seem to be on the right hand side. Oh... right. England.

They look great though! :-)

John A Abbott said...

Clare - The words of a true landscape architect! ;-) Yes let's meet soon!

Jon & Renee - No need for the word "hand" in your post ;-) Great to hear from you! Don't worry, in the books there are lots of people driving on the wrong side too - had to make quite a few tweaks for the market on your side of the pond ;-)