Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Client's Rough

No no no! I don't mean that the Client is as rough as a badger's bot. Au contraire ... no no and thrice no! Clients are always extremely nice and lovely. I'm using the apostrophe to indicate possession. This is a post about the different ways clients show me their briefs *

Generally it's a lot of words, but other times people show what they'd like with pictures. Here is a great brief I got this week from a client I've worked with previously. He's a great guy, full of energy and he definitely likes to communicate with pictures. The image below shows his picture on the left and the final design on the right.

Now that was a clear brief. The picture practically drew itself!
See this image and others similar on our Cartoon Character Design portfolio pages.

* i.e. requirements, not underpants

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