Friday, 4 September 2009

Strip Biscuit

I do a regular cartoon strip called "The tea in team" for an agency based here in Harrogate called RawCreative. It's used for corporate newsletters and it's one of my favourite jobs. For each cartoon I spend a good few hours staring into thin air, my preferred method of coming up with cartoon ideas, then sketch them and scan them and launch them off into the ether to be reviewed by the client.
The client normally picks the one I least expect them to and I get to work drawing the full strip and scanning it into my computer to complete for production(add text/tints etc).

But the best bit of the whole thing is choosing a biscuit to accompany the title bar. I like a nerdy title bar like this. Lots of cartoonists do it - but in my mind the grandmaster is Ben Katchor - just check out his collection Cheap Novelties.

Biscuits used so far include teatime favourites like Bourbons, Jammy Dodgers and most recently the classic sugared beauty, "Nice".

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