Friday, 14 August 2009

I Tube, You Tube, We All Tube

This week I decided that it was about time I started to put some of the Flash cartoons I've been creating up on YouTube.
I've started with a short promo for the PatsyJames animation I've been working on with Noa Jones. Now I've hit a few things exporting from Flash and uploading to YouTube...

Firstly, when I exported my animation from Flash as a .mov with the default settings and uploaded to YouTube the results were awful. The animation was jumpy and a whole load of key frames were missed.... yuk! So far I've found that if you File...ExportMovie enter a suitable *.mov and then click QuicktimeSettings you get a whole range of useful settings. If on the VideoSettings you change the compression type from the default of "Animation" to "H.264" the results are a whole lot better.

Secondly, if I'm posting a link to a YouTube video I don't necessarily want the related video suggestions they have at the end. But there's an easy workaround for that. You can simply add ‘&rel=0′ to the end of the url part of the embed code. On a similar(ish) note you can add ‘&loop=1′ to get the video to loop around automatically.

I'm uploading at the moment and will update with links to the promo when it's done.

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